Oracle ASM no longer inventoried, no longer hangs

FlexNet Manager Suite version 2020 R2.3

Oracle APIs require an account with sysadmin privileges for collecting inventory for Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), and it can be problematic to have an account with such high-level privileges set aside for that purpose. In previous releases of FlexNet Manager Suite, the attempt to collect this inventory with a typical inventory-gathering Oracle account would hang for lack of those privileges; with the unpleasant side effect of preventing further Oracle inventory collection as well. This was all the more frustrating since Oracle ASM has no license impact – as Oracle's documentation says, "Oracle ASM is free to use with all Oracle databases and Oracle ACFS file systems."

Therefore, from this release, FlexNet Manager Suite no longer attempts to take inventory of Oracle ASM, and you do not need a highly-privileged account to work around those requirements. Instead, FlexNet Manager Suite simply steps past any attempt to connect to Oracle ASM, and continues with other rules for collecting inventory from Oracle Database and other options.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2