Inventory of Windows Registry

FlexNet Manager Suite version 2021 R1
Your on-premises implementation of FlexNet Manager Suite can now be customized to import key/value pairs from Windows registry. Because processing large data volumes from the registry can slow down your regular compliance calculations, there are two controls that must be configured to allow this feature:
  • On the inventory device, a preference must be set. This can be done in the usual ways, either on the command line for the FlexNet inventory agent, or by setting a registry value. You can nominate any particular registry entry to collect, or collect all the values under a specified key. (The default value of the uninstall entries from Add/Remove settings must always be retained.) At each collection of inventory on that device, the registry content is included in the .ndi file and uploaded as usual.
  • Your central inventory server (or, in smaller implementations, your application server) also requires a registry setting that allows this unusual content to be imported into the inventory database. Again, there are two options, either to import a specific value, or to collect all the registry evidence present in the .ndi file. Once present in the inventory database, it becomes part of the regular nightly import into the compliance database for the license consumption calculations, and thereafter the values are available in the inventory device property sheet Evidence tab, when you select the WMI sub-tab.

All required settings are fully documented in the Gathering FlexNet Inventory reference, available as a PDF through the title page of online help once you upgrade to the 2021 R1 version (or later). See Common: Importing Registry Settings and child topics for details. The same content is also available in HTML format through (be sure to select the on-premises edition for the 2021 R1 version).

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