User data imported from Active Directory now returns email address key for SaaS user normalization

FlexNet Manager Suite version 2022 R1.2

User data is received from a variety of different sources, such as Active Directory and SaaS products like O365 and Salesforce. When data is received from multiple sources concerning the same user, said data needs to be merged in order to prevent the duplication of user records.

The merging process works by checking imported user records, against all of the user records that currently exist in the system. User records that have a matching email address (email addresses are used as a unique identifier per user) are merged as one user.

SaaS products like O365 and Salesforce do include email addresses when importing user data into FlexNet Manager Suite. However, prior to this release, user data imported by Active Directory did not include email addresses. This meant that it was not possible to check if users brought into the system via Active Directory already existed, therefore resulting in the duplication of user records.

On upgrading to R1.2, users brought into FlexNet Manager Suite from multiple sources will now be merged correctly without the risk of creating duplicates. In addition, extra steps have been added to the current merge logic to detect and delete duplicates that already exist and have for some time in the system.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2