Conditions for Use

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

Use of the adapter's executable, FnmpADDMStage.exe, imposes the following conditions:

  • Within BMC Discovery, the XML-based API must be enabled (by default, it is enabled). BMC documentation for the XML API is available at
  • There must be HTTP or HTTPS communication available between the staging server, on which this executable runs, and the server hosting BMC Discovery.
  • The staging server requires the .NET 4.5 (minimum) runtime environment.
  • The staging tool must be configured with credentials that provide read access to the BMC Discovery instance. These credentials may either be configured in FnmpADDMSettings.xml or supplied on the command line for FnmpADDMStage.exe (for details see Account Configuration for Adapter). For Discovery 11.1 and later, you need to grant the API access permission (api-access group), or update group permissions to include the api/access permission for the user that is specified in the FnmpADDMSettings.xml, who requires access to the XML Web APIs.
  • For linking upstream to the staging database, you can either:
    • Use a trusted connection to the SQL server and run the executable under an account that has read/write access to the staging database; or
    • Use service account credentials for SQL through a connection string, which may either be configured in FnmpADDMSettings.xml or supplied on the command line for FNMPAddmStage.exe (see Creating the Staging Database Tables for details).
Important: It is critical that the FnmpADDMStage.exe tool is not run simultaneously with the ComplianceReader tool that uploads from the staging database to the compliance server. The adapter executable commences its writing activity with a truncate of the staging database to clear old results, an action which (if it occurred in the middle of an upload to the compliance server) could clearly corrupt the imported dataset. While ComplianceReader is blocked until FnmpADDMStage.exe finishes, you must adjust your schedules to prevent starting FnmpADDMStage.exe while the ComplianceReader is running.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2