Appendix B: Data Mappings

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
This appendix maps the data transformations from BMC Discovery to FlexNet Manager Suite in two stages:
  • From the source nodes in BMC Discovery datastore to the staging database (suggested: ADDM_Stage). The data constructs within this database are mirrored in the XML files that may be saved on the staging server for your inspection. For this reason, this section may also be used as a guide to understanding the sources of data within BMC Discovery that populate the various XML entities.
  • From the staging database (suggested: ADDM_Stage) to the final destination within the web interface of FlexNet Manager Suite. This is not a simple and direct path: the ComplianceReader component first loads the data from the staging database to various compliance database tables with names starting with Imported, where the data waits until the next "data import" (usually associated with a full license consumption calculation, by default scheduled overnight). In effect, the data first moves from remote staging tables to local staging tables. Thereafter the data is normalized and loaded into a range of compliance database tables, for the most part arrayed around the ComplianceComputer table. Since navigating these tables is not straight-forward, we here present the data in its more visible form, within the web interface. Serious devotees of database structures can find all compliance database tables documented in FlexNet Manager Suite Schema Reference.

In both parts, each destination has its own topic, so that you can jump to destination names using the table of contents of this PDF (in the first of these sections, the destinations are table names within the staging database; and in the second, the destinations are "object" names presented in the web interface).

Because an individual node in BMC Discovery may link to multiple staging tables, it's not quite so easy to find the original nodes in BMC Discovery. One way is to do a search in the PDF file for "SEARCH nodeName", since each staging database topic begins with the Query Language statements used to extract the related data from BMC Discovery.
Note: This appendix documents the structure released with FlexNet Manager Suite version 2020 R1.2 (if necessary, you can validate this version by checking the operating system file properties of FnmpADDMStage.exe). The database schema is version 1.10 (or later) for these changes. If needed, you can check the staging database schema version with the following query in Microsoft SQL Studio:
SELECT TOP (1000) [Property],[Value]
    FROM [ADDM_Stage].[dbo].[ADDMStagingDatabaseConfiguration]
(If necessary, substitute your chosen staging database name in place of the proposed ADDM_Stage.) It is important to be aware that this schema update makes no change at all to the data from BMC Discovery imported into FlexNet Manager Suite. Instead, the changes to the adapter and staging database schema enable integration with the Discovery and Inventory capabilities within Flexera One, while maintaining existing imports and performance with FlexNet Manager Suite.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2