Updating Connection Details

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
When system passwords change, you need to update the adapter's configuration file. Connection details are stored, encrypted, in the adapter's configuration file (by default located at C:\Program Files\Flexera\BMCAtriumAdapter\ FNMPExports\Utility\ FNMPDataExportUtility.exe.config on the Atrium server). The encryption process happens the first time the adapter runs after the configuration file is edited. Once the process has run, the connection strings are unreadable and not editable, something similar to the following:
<connectionStrings configProtectionProvider="DataProtectionConfigurationProvider">

To replace connection strings and/or passwords:

  1. Open the adapter's configuration file in a flat text (or XML) editor.
    Default location: C:\Program Files\Flexera\BMCAtriumAdapter\ FNMPExports\Utility\ FNMPDataExportUtility.exe.config
  2. Locate the connectionStrings element (similar to that shown above), select it all, and delete it.
  3. Copy the following example, paste into the same place in the configuration file, and replace the placeholder values (including their containing brackets) as described below (you may also remove the white space from the connection strings):
        <clear />
    	  <add name="FNMPDBConnection" 
                  connectionString="Data Source=[FNMPDBServerName];
                                    Initial Catalog=FNMSCompliance;
                                    User ID=[accountName1];Password=[somePassword];
                                    Integrated Security=false;
                                    Connection Timeout=60;"/>
    	  <add name="IntermediateDBConn" 
                  connectionString="Data Source=[intermediateDBServerName];
                                    Initial Catalog=IntermediateDB;
                                    User ID=[accountName2];
                                    Integrated Security=false;
                                    Connection Timeout=60;"/>
    Placeholder Notes
    The database server (and optionally, the database instance name) containing the FlexNet Manager Suite compliance database. You may use:
    • A dot (.) when the database is installed on the same server where the adapter executable runs
    • The flat name of the server
    • The IP address of the server
    • Where the database instance is not the default instance on that server, any of the above with a slash (/) separator, and the database instance name.

    This is the recommended database name for the compliance database. If you used a different name, substitute the name you used.


    The user name that the executable uses to connect to the compliance database.


    The (newly current) password for the above account.

    [intermediate DBServerName]

    The database server (and if necessary, instance) for the intermediate database. The same formats are supported as described above for [FNMPDBServerName].


    The user name that the executable uses to connect to the intermediate database.


    The password for [accountName2].

  4. Save the edited configuration file.
    The file is saved in plain text. The next time the adapter runs, this section of the configuration file is automatically encrypted. If you are unhappy about leaving the file unencrypted until then, trigger an additional run of the adapter by adding a one-time schedule (see Scheduling the Adapter).

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2