Updating Email Details

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
With data flows in both directions between FlexNet Manager Suite and BMC Atrium, errors may occur in either export or import. The adapter sends emails to inform you when an error occurs. The emails for the two directions are defined separately:
  • For export from FlexNet Manager Suite, the data export utility generates the emails, with settings in its configuration file. If the details of your email server are changed, you need to update the adapter's configuration file. It also defines who receives the alerts, and the address from which alerts originate. You can modify any of those detail with this procedure.
  • Similarly, for imports from BMC, the email is generated by Atrium based on settings in that system. Those settings are also summarized in this procedure, since it is likely that a change in your infrastructure or personnel affects both kinds of email alerts equally.

We start with emails for exports from FlexNet Manager Suite; and then continue with those for imports to the same system (that is, data is exported from BMC Atrium).

To update email details:

  1. Open the adapter's configuration file in a flat text (or XML) editor.
    Default location: C:\Program Files\Flexera\BMCAtriumAdapter\ FNMPExports\Utility\ FNMPDataExportUtility.exe.config
  2. Locate the <appender> element for the SmtpAppender node in the file and update the settings marked here with placeholders:
    <appender name="SmtpAppender" type="log4net.Appender.SmtpAppender">
    	<to value="toaddress@somedomain.com"></to>
    	<from value="fromaddress@somedomain.com"></from>
    	<subject value=" Atrium Integration Adapter Error"></subject>
    	<smtpHost value="smtp.somedomain.com"></smtpHost>
    Value Notes
    toaddress @somedomain.com Valid email address for the person who is to receive alerts when errors occur during export.
    fromaddress @somedomain.com Valid email address for an account known on the specified SMTP host that is identified as the sender of the email when an error occurs.
    smtp.somedomain.com The fully qualified domain name of the SMTP email server.
  3. Save the edited file.
  4. Open the Atrium Integrator Spoon tool.
  5. Select File > Open..., and select BMCAtriumAdapter.kjb from the repository.
    A map of the job displays.

  6. To configure email alerts for errors occurring on the Atrium side of the adapter:
    1. In the BMCAtriumAdapter job, right-click on the Mail step in the center.
    2. From the option menu, select Edit job entry.
      The Job mail details dialog appears.

    3. In the Addresses tab, insert the following:
      • Destination address — the person who is to receive the email alert for each error.
      • Sender name — the value to appear on the emails as the sender.
      • Sender address — The email address from which the email will appear to come. This must be a valid email account known to the mail server (specified next).
    4. Switch to the Server tab, and complete the SMTP Server details.
    5. Click OK.
The revised email settings for data transfer in both directions take effect for the next run of the adapter.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2