Imported Data Mapping

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

Data imported through the Technopedia connector is matched to records previously imported through the same connector into FlexNet Manager Suite (where available), or new records are automatically created.

The following table shows, for each of the properties imported from Technopedia:
  • The location in the staging table ImportedTechnopediaARLMappedProduct, where most string values are capped at 2000 characters each (the listing below is in column order of this staging table)
  • Their final spot in the TechnopediaProductReleaseInfo production table in the compliance database
  • The name of the matching column in the default Installed Applications Linked to Technopedia report in the web interface for FlexNet Manager Suite. For further details about the meaning of any of these columns, please see the online help page for that report.
Tip: To cater for multi-tenant mode for installations used by Managed Service Providers (MSPs), both of the above table names may have a _MT suffix; and both tables also include a column for TenantID to separate data for individual tenants. For a single tenant on-premises implementation, where this field is present, it may be populated with a one (the default value of TenantID for a single tenant – which is different than the default zero for a TenantUID).
When the database writer moves the data from the staging table to the production table, it also uses the FlexeraID value to look up matching records from the Application Recognition Library, recording the link in the SoftwareTitleID column.
Note: The standard crosswalk report excludes data from Technopedia where:
  • There is no entry in the ARL with the required FlexeraID (this means that locally-created application records with no match in the ARL are excluded from the report, whether or not these are present in Technopedia)
  • There is a matching entry in the ARL, but the most recent full import and license consumption calculations did not identify any matching installations of that application in your computing estate.
In this way, the report focuses on installed applications, known from the ARL (and therefore having a FlexeraID), with the corresponding entries (where available) from Technopedia. All installed applications with FlexeraID are included in the standard report, regardless of whether matching data from Technopedia is available.
Staging table Production table Report field
ComplianceConnectionID   Not shown – this is the internal ID of the Technopedia connector on your chosen inventory beacon.
ExternalID ReleaseID Release ID
FlexeraID FlexeraID Flexera ID
ProductID ProductID Product ID
Manufacturer Manufacturer Manufacturer
ProductFamily ProductFamily Brand/Family
ProductName ProductName Product
Component Component Component
Edition Edition Edition
VersionGroup VersionGroup Version group
Version Version Version
PatchLevel PatchLevel Patch level
SubVersion SubVersion Subversion
IsMajorRelease IsMajorRelease Is major version?
ImportedDate UpdatedDate Not shown.
TenantID TenantID Not shown.
  SoftwareTitleID (foreign key to the SoftwareTitle table) Not shown, but provides the link to the matching record from the ARL.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2