Managing SAP License Ratios

If your SAP license contract contains a license ratio, you can specify this ratio to ensure that it is taken into account during license-type optimization.

Your organization's SAP license contract might contain a clause that enforces a minimum ratio between specific license types. For example, the license contract might stipulate that the minimum ratio of mySAP Limited Professional licenses (license type 53) to mySAP Professional licenses (license type 52) must be 25% to 75%.

With FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications, you can specify a license ratio on the License Ratio page (in the Optimization section) that will be taken into account when the license position is calculated.

The specified license ratio (if activated) will be reflected in the results on the License Position page and in the License Ratio diagram on the dashboard. For more information, see Current License Position and License Ratios, respectively.