Package License Templates

For many packages, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications provides predefined formulas and metrics, in addition to explanatory read-only information. These formulas are included in package license templates that are downloadable from the FlexNet Manager Suite website. These templates enable you to automate the calculation of the package consumption.

The package license templates are contained within the Product Use Rights Library (PURL). The PURL can be downloaded from the FlexNet Manager Suite website using a scheduled task. There are two scheduled tasks available for this purpose:

  • The Import SAP package license scheduled task downloads only the PURL with SAP-related content.
  • The Recognition data import scheduled task downloads updates to the Application Recognition Library (ARL), SKU library, and PURL, that are used by FlexNet Manager Suite.

Both of these scheduled tasks are enabled by default, and scheduled to run daily. If you only want to use the SAP mode of FlexNet Manager Suite to manage SAP licenses, it is recommended to activate the Import SAP package license scheduled task.

If you want to use the SAP mode and additional features of FlexNet Manager Suite to manage your SAP licenses or a wide range of licenses, it is recommended that you only activate the Recognition data import scheduled task. This is because using the FlexNet Manager Suite requires that the Application Recognition Library is installed.

For information on downloading and installing the Application Recognition Library, see the chapter Updating the Application Recognition and SKU Libraries in the FNMP System Reference PDF.

Important: The licensing terms for SAP packages are encoded by FlexNet Manager Suite in the PURL and published regularly to simplify your licensing efforts. However, because licensing terms change over time, and can vary from one customer to another, you retain legal responsibility for ensuring that you model the exact terms of the licenses that you have purchased.