Import SAP Package License

The information in this section is relevant only if you are using FlexNet Manager Suite in an on-premises installation.

The Import SAP package license scheduled task downloads SAP-related updates to the product use rights library (PURL) in FlexNet Manager Suite from the Flexera website.

You can use the Windows Scheduled Tasks system tool to modify the timing of the scheduled task or to modify the command-line options used with the import tool (ImportPurl.exe).

Note: If you want to manage SAP licenses only in SAP mode of FlexNet Manager Suite, it is recommended to activate the Import SAP package license task. If you want to use SAP mode and the FlexNet Manager Suite console to manage your SAP licenses or a wide range of licenses, it is recommended that you activate the Recognition data import task instead.

Run by: Microsoft Task Scheduler.

Default schedule: disabled by default, but set to run weekly at 6:00:00 (24-hour format) each Sunday if enabled. If you are happy for updates to occur weekly, enable this task. If you prefer to control when updates occur, leave it disabled and execute it manually at times convenient to you.

Default command line:

"Prog-Drive:\Program Files\ManageSoft\Common\ndcrproc.exe"

-e "Prog-Drive:\Program Files\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\ImportPurl.exe"

-l "Prog-Drive:\Program Files\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\ImportPurl.exe" -o CREATE_NO_WINDOW=True -- -l SAPPackages