SAP User Accounts Evidence

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications collects evidence of SAP user accounts that show particularly high usage or that were used to concurrently log on to your organization's SAP systems. These user accounts are identified based on activity data collected by the SAP Inventory Agent, and the Work Time and Multiple Logons activity checks that were executed in the SAP Admin module.

Important: As a prerequisite for viewing SAP user accounts evidence, the corresponding activity-checks data—Work Time and/or Multiple Logons—must have been imported from the staging database in the SAP Admin module. For more information, see Data Collection Using the Staging Database Monitor in the FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications User Guide PDF.

The Work Time activity check identifies user accounts that show long periods of activity that could indicate that a user is indirectly accessing SAP data. For example, if a user account executes a long-running job, this job might output SAP data into files which could then be distributed to non-SAP users or a non-SAP system.

The Multiple Logons activity check identifies user accounts that have been used to concurrently log on to SAP systems. A user account that was used by several people or non-SAP systems could indicate indirect access.

User accounts that are identified by the Work Time or Multiple Logons activity checks are listed on the SAP User Accounts tab on the Indirect Access page (accessible under Optimization). Based on the information presented on the tab, you can contact the administrator of the relevant SAP system who can then take appropriate measures to correct the situation, if necessary. You can link the user accounts that are indirectly accessing SAP data to a non-SAP system. This enables you to closely monitor these user accounts.

For information about non-SAP systems, see Managing Evidence Using Non-SAP Systems.