“Transaction Profile by Maximum Objects Used” Rule

Use the “Transaction Profile by Maximum Objects Used” rule to assign users who did not use more than a certain number of objects that are defined in a transaction profile a specific license type. A license type is suggested if the counted number of objects is lower than or equal to the specified maximum number.

The main difference from the “Transaction Profile by Maximum Object Types Used” Rule is that, for the “Transaction Profile by Maximum Objects Used” rule, you define a single threshold for all objects.

To be able to use this rule, you must have created a transaction profile. For information about transaction profiles, see SAP Transaction Profiles.

Usage Scenario: You could use the Transaction Profile by Maximum Objects Used rule to distinguish between a Professional and a Limited Professional user, based on the breadth of SAP operations being used.

Refer to Creating a License Rule Set and Adding Rules to a License Rule Set for information on creating a rule set and adding rules to it.

To create your rule, specify the following information:

  • Name—Enter the name of the rule.
  • Rule Set—The rule set that contains your rule. This information is non-editable.
  • Transaction profile—Select the name of the transaction profile that should be matched against the reported user consumption data. The transaction profile defines the scope of the objects that are considered by this rule.
  • Max. number of objects used—Enter the maximum number of different objects that were used by the user.
  • Recommended License Type - Select the license type that should be recommended if the rule condition is met.

    Note that this license type set will be recommended for users within Classic Business Suite, S/4HANA and Non-SAP systems when the "Recommended License Type for S/4HANA" is set to "Same as above" (default).

  • Recommended License Type for S/4HANA - Select the license type that should be recommended for S/4HANA users if the rule condition is met.

    Specify a license type other than "Same as above" for cases where matching S/4HANA users should be recommended a different license type from Classic Business Suite users.

When you have provided all necessary information, click Create. The rule will be run, and you can examine the results immediately by clicking Show license recommendations in the Preview Results section.