SaaS User (license type)

A SaaS User license is a software license that entitles a user to access Software as a Service products such as Salesforce. A SaaS User license type typically provides the right to access cloud-based software or services.
Tip: If you have licensed Flexera SaaS Manager and have authorized integration with FlexNet Manager Suite (see System Settings: Integrations Tab), license records imported from Flexera SaaS Manager automatically create SaaS User licenses within FlexNet Manager Suite. Be aware that to delete such a license, you must delete it in both systems – otherwise:
  • If you delete the SaaS User license only in FlexNet Manager Suite, it will be reinstated on the next nightly import from Flexera SaaS Manager
  • Conversely, deleting the license in Flexera SaaS Manager does not automatically remove the matching license record in FlexNet Manager Suite, since this may be needed for historical records.
In short, for deletion of such a license record, be sure to delete separately in both systems.

Select this license type for users that access instances of SaaS applications (for example, create a SaaS User license with entitlements for each user accessing Salesforce, Office 365, or other SaaS offerings).

Product use rights Downgrade rights and upgrade rights. For record keeping purposes only (not affecting any calculations), you can also record license mobility rights including use in the cloud.
Group assignment

Not available.


The number of unique users who access the SaaS application. Any user access to a SaaS application consumes a SaaS entitlement, unless the server has a processor-based license for that application.

Scoping to groups Scoping to groups is supported.

Users within the scope of the license.


Compliant when the number of users accessing the SaaS application is less than or equal to the number of SaaS entitlements purchased.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2