Oracle Named User Plus (license type)

Note: This license type is available only when you have licensed the FlexNet Manager for Datacenters product.

A license for Oracle Database applications, based on the number of users for whom you are licensed on Oracle Database servers. This license type may also be over-utilized:

  • When the license is expired

  • When a database instance and an option are installed on the same computer (physical server or virtual machine) and have licenses of different types.

Product use rights Downgrade rights, upgrade rights, and licensing on VM hosts (virtual and sub-capacity licensing are built in to this license type, and there is no field in the console for turning that off).
Group assignment Not supported.

The greater of:

  • The minimum number of Oracle users for the license (see note)
  • The number of unique Oracle users assigned to instances of the Oracle application.
Note: In some licenses (such as for Oracle Database Standard Edition), the minimum limit is specified as an absolute number (regardless of processor specifications). In other licenses (such as for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition), the minimum is specified per core on the server. To configure the latter kind of license, in the Identification tab of its properties:
  • Select Number of Cores from the Metric list (see Metric).
  • Specify the value for Minimum users. (For example, for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, the normal minimum is 25 Oracle users per core, so set to 25. For details, see Minimum Users.)
  • Select the Apply user limit per processor core check box (see Apply User Limit per Processor Core).
With this configuration, the minimum number of users required on each server is multiplied by the number of processor cores returned in hardware inventory for the server. You may need to check that your hardware inventory tool is appropriately populating the number of processors, or manually add this data to the hardware inventory record.

Oracle users assigned to instances associated with all servers linked to the license. If the same Oracle user is assigned to more than one instance, the greatest quantity for the Oracle user is counted. For example, if the named user account is ForkLiftDrivers, and on one instance 6 drivers access the database, and 13 drivers access another instance, the consumption count for this Oracle user on this license is 13.

Compliance Compliant when the total count of all Oracle users on the license is less than or equal to Total licensed. The license must also meet a number of other constraints, such as all options on the same server having the same license type applied.
Changing from

Any existing allocations to users may be deleted.

Changing to You may want to allocate the license to specific users.

FlexNet Manager Suite automatically exempts the standard Oracle named users from consuming licenses on Oracle instances. The Appendix: Oracle Standard Users Exempted From Consuming Licenses in the Oracle Discovery and Inventory chapter of the FlexNet Manager Suite System Reference PDF lists these standard users.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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