A license is over-utilized when the records so far available in FlexNet Manager Suite show that more entitlements have been consumed than have been purchased, or are otherwise available through additional product use rights (such as a right of second use). Uncorrected over-utilization may represent a compliance risk in the event of an audit or legal action. Optional actions for an over-utilized license include:
  • Correcting incomplete records of purchases.
  • Correct outdated records of consumption (for example, have you been retiring assets within FlexNet Manager Suite when the physical assets are disposed of).
  • Taking correct account of the product use rights (such as upgrades, downgrades, right of second use, and so on) which may account for additional copies.
  • For licenses that are subject to true-up, create some kind of reminder to ensure adequate purchases at true-up time. Licenses subject to true-up by definition are permitted to go into over-utlization until the due date for the next true-up.
  • Reduce consumption in ways appropriate to the license type, such as uninstalling software for a device license, or restricting user access for a user license or for some licenses for virtualized applications).
    Note: Some license types require that you pay for the period of over-utilization. Be sure to check the terms of your license.
  • Purchase additional entitlements to cover the over-utilization.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2