Assigning Sites and Subnets to a Beacon

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
This process assumes that you have used your inventory beacon to import sites and subnets from Active Directory (described in Importing from Active Directory). If this is not the case, you may enter sites and subnet details manually (see Creating Sites and Subnets Manually).

While it can always import inventory from third-party tools, an inventory beacon can only administer discovery and inventory rules for sites and subnets that have been assigned to it. You complete the assignment process manually.

Subnets are only considered "unassigned" when they are enabled for inventory collection, but have not yet been assigned to an inventory beacon. Therefore any disabled inventory beacons (not permitted to collect inventory) are not visible in this list. Disabled inventory beacons can be re-enabled from the Subnets list (see Creating Sites and Subnets Manually).

To assign sites and subnets to an inventory beacon:

  1. In FlexNet Manager Suite, navigate to Discovery & Inventory > Unassigned Subnets.
  2. Select one or more of the subnets in the list.
    You may select subnets that:
    • You want to suppress from the list because they are not to be used for direct inventory gathering (for example, they may contain too many devices for convenient management, and you may wish to split them into smaller units, as described in Splitting Subnets Between Beacons)
    • You want to assign to inventory beacons so that you can discover devices and collect inventory within them.
  3. To suppress selected subnets from this list, click Ignore. Ignored subnets cannot be used for inventory collection.
    These subnets disappear from the list. If you wish to recover an ignored subnet, find it under its site in the Subnets list, and edit its Status setting there.
  4. To assign selected subnets to a beacon, click Assign to a beacon.
    A new list opens above that button, showing available inventory beacons for your selection. To help with logical groupings of subnets, each inventory beacon also displays subnets already assigned to it. The status of each inventory beacon also displays on the right of the list, so that you do not accidentally assign any subnets to a disabled inventory beacon.
  5. Select one inventory beacon from the list, and click Save.
    The list of inventory beacons closes, and the assigned subnet is removed from the list of unassigned subnets.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2