Copying Local Purchases as Assignments

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
In the Group assignment tab of the license properties, you can copy any pre-existing local purchases linked to selected groups as group assignments. This is useful if you have a corporate policy that allows a combination of central and local purchasing, cross-assignments (or transfers) from one group’s purchases to another group, and so on.
Note: This process is a replacement of any existing assignments, and does not simply add purchases to previous values. If you had selected rows with no linked purchases (so that the Purchased locally (total) column shows zero outside the brackets), the Assigned locally (total) values will also be set to zero. There is no undo once the license properties are saved: if you notice an unintended result in your assignments list, click Close to close the properties sheet without saving your changes, and then reopen the properties to restart your assignments.

Furthermore, this is a one-time transfer, and does not cause future purchases by any selected groups to accumulate automatically as assignments. If you wish to manage through local group purchases, set Groups are at risk to When consumption exceeds purchases (see Configuring Group Assignments for a License).

To copy local purchases as assignments:

  1. In the Group assignment tab, select all the groups whose local purchases you intend to assign. (Make sure not to select the Unassigned row.)
    Tip: Purchases linked to an enterprise group can only be assigned to the same group by this method. Afterwards, you can use the new assignment as a source for transferring to another group if you wish (see Transferring License Entitlements Between Enterprise Groups).
  2. Click Assign purchases.
    A confirmation dialog appears.
  3. Click OK to update the figures in your assignments list.
    The Assigned locally (total) values for all selected rows are set equal to the values in each row’s Purchased locally (total) column.
  4. When satisfied with the assignments list, click Save to store the amended license properties in the database.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2