Editing License Types in the License-Type Hierarchy

You might want to edit the license-type hierarchy you loaded.

For example, you could add unit price information for license types to enable the visual presentation of SAP license utilization in the dashboard.

To edit the license-type hierarchy:

  1. In FlexNet Manager Suite, click SAP, point to Optimization and click License Types.
  2. If you want to switch to a different landscape, click Change Landscape in the top right corner of the page.
  3. On the License Types: system landscape name page, select the license type that you want to edit and click View. Alternatively, double-click the license type.
  4. To edit the information in the Details section, click Edit to open the page in write-enabled mode. You can edit the following fields:




    The license type identifier.

    Short name

    The short name of the license type.

    Long name

    The long name of the license type.


    A license type is marked as active if you are entitled to use it.

    The status of this check box is automatically set when you import a license-type hierarchy from the LAW. This check box does not affect which license types can be recommended during license optimization.

    Number purchased

    The number of licenses that were purchased.

    Unit price

    You can specify and store a unit price for each license type. This information can then be used by the dashboard for the license utilization overview and for the Details section on the License Position page.


    The available currency values depend on the settings you selected when you installed FlexNet Manager Suite. If required, you can change the available currencies.

    Handling over-consumption of this license type

    This option indicates how FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications calculates the license position for license types that are over-consumed.

    • Recommend promoting users to spare superior licenses—Over-consumed licenses can be covered by spare licenses of a superior license type of which the over-consumed license is a sub-type. This is the default setting.
    • Show deficits against this license (license is at risk)—Spare superior licenses are not used to cover over-utilized licenses. Instead, the over-consumed license is over-utilized, and the resulting license deficit can be viewed on the License Position page.

    For more information, see Handling Over-Consumption of License Types.

  5. Click Save.
  6. To add license sub-types:
    1. In the License Sub Types section, click Add.
    2. In the Add SAP License Type dialog, enter the code and short name of the license type (required) and a long name (optional).
    3. Select or deselect the Active check box to indicate that you are entitled to use the license type.
    4. Click Create.
  7. To delete license sub-types:
    1. In the License Sub Types section, select the license sub-type that you want to remove and click Delete.
    2. In the dialog box, click Delete to confirm.