Managing Access Rights for System Landscapes

When you configure access rights for system landscapes, you can do so on a role-based model (based on the account's roles in FlexNet Manager Suite), or you can manage access for specific accounts and specific security sections of a system landscape.

To manage access rights for system landscapes:

  1. In SAP mode, open the System Landscape Editor by pointing to Configuration and clicking System Landscapes.
  2. On the SAP System Landscapes page, double-click the system landscape that you want to configure. Alternatively, select the system landscape and click View.
  3. The System Landscape: name page is displayed. In the Tasks section, click Configure access.
  4. In the Configure Access dialog, select one of the following options:
    • Use role-based access rights—Select this option if the access rights that are assigned to the account's role from FlexNet Manager Suite should be used for this landscape. This is the default option for system landscapes.

      Click Save.

    • Restricted to specific accounts—Select this option to manage access rights for specific accounts and for specific security sections of the landscape.

      The Configure Access dialog displays a list of accounts. By default, each security section is set to No Access (the account is restricted from the specific section).

      1. In the grid, select the account whose access rights you want to configure and click Edit.
      2. In the Define Access Levels dialog, configure the access rights for each security section by selecting the appropriate value from each list. See Table 1 for available access levels for each section.
      3. Click OK.