Accessing System Task Information

The system task information only displays for users with appropriate account properties. You define these account properties on the Account Properties page.

To configure access to system task information:

  1. In FlexNet Manager Suite, navigate the system menu ( in the top right corner) and click Accounts.
  2. On the Accounts page, on the All Accounts tab, click the name of the account for which you want to configure access rights.
  3. Under Permissions, select an appropriate role that enables access to administration features in the FlexNet Manager Suite web interface.
  4. Click Administration and select one the following options:
    • Select Troubleshooting: access to System Tasks page to enable access to the System Tasks page. If this check box is cleared, the status indicator for system tasks in the navigation bar and the System Tasks page are not visible for the user.
    • Select Troubleshooting: advanced access and log downloads if the user should be able to download logs on the System Tasks page.
  5. Click Save.