Viewing Details of Remote System Evidence

The RFC Connection Details page shows information about the activity of a particular remote server.

For example, you can see the SAP system(s) with which the remote server communicated, and the user accounts that were used. This can help you to determine whether the remote system is used to access SAP software indirectly.

To view the details of a remote system:

  1. In FlexNet Manager Suite, click SAP, point to Optimization and click Indirect Access.
  2. On the Indirect Access page, click the RFC Connections tab. Select the remote system for which you want to display details and click View.

    Alternatively, double-click the remote system name.

The RFC Connection Details page opens. The following table describes the information provided.



Remote System

The host name of the remote (non-SAP) machine that is accessing the SAP system.

SAP System

The ID of the SAP system to which the remote machine communicated.

User Name

The name of the user who indirectly accessed the SAP system.

RFC Program

The name of the RFC program that executed an RFC function.

Function Name

The name of the RFC function that was executed.

Number of RFC Calls

The number of RFC calls that were made from the remote system.

Total Execution Time

The total amount of CPU time that was consumed.

Data Sent

The amount of data that was sent from the remote system to the SAP system.

Data Received

The amount of data that was received by the SAP system.