Creating a connection with ServiceNow

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

You can create a connection to ServiceNow, and choose the data to export to ServiceNow. The data you choose depends on the data you already have in ServiceNow, and which of these management tools you choose as your primary repository for each data type. For example, if your hardware inventory data is already being imported to ServiceNow (and, separately, to FlexNet Manager Suite) from another source such as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (previously Microsoft SCCM), then you may not need to export hardware inventory data from FlexNet Manager Suite to ServiceNow. If, however, you choose to use FlexNet Manager Suite as your primary data repository for contracts, you may need to export contracts data from FlexNet Manager Suite to ServiceNow.

Note: ServiceNow uses OAuth protocol to authenticate and generate the token required to create the connection with FlexNet Manager Suite. To generate this token, the ServiceNow user account must have ServiceNow admin privileges.

To create a connection with ServiceNow:

  1. Login to your ServiceNow Service Management page.
  2. In the left-hand menu, navigate to the FlexNet Manager Suite > Configuration > Generate Token page.
  3. In the Username field, enter the username for the account used to create this connection.
  4. In the Password, enter the password for the above account.
  5. Click Generate OAuth Token.
    A long Refresh Token appears at the top of the page.
  6. Copy the Refresh Token token.
  7. In FlexNet Manager Suite, navigate to the system menu ( in the top right corner) > System Settings > Integrations. Expand the ServiceNow accordion section.
    Tip: The Integrations tab is only visible when your account has the access rights described above.
  8. In the Instance URL field, enter the URL of your ServiceNow instance.
  9. In the Username field, enter the ServiceNow username entered in step 3 above.
  10. In the Token field, paste in the OAuth token generated in step 5 above.
  11. At the Data to export to ServiceNow field, select one or more check boxes to determine the data type(s) to export to ServiceNow from the following:
    1. Hardware inventory
    2. Installed applications
    3. Contracts.
  12. Click Save to save the ServiceNow system settings.
    The Export button in the Export data to ServiceNow section is enabled. Your data is automatically synchronized with ServiceNow, by default on the following Sunday and on a weekly basis thereafter, or you can manually Export Data to ServiceNow. If the connection fails or the incorrect information is provided, this will be reported in the Last completed export section on this page or by viewing the results of incoming data jobs in ServiceNow.

    This schedule can be modified using the Windows Task Scheduler. See Using the Task Scheduler.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2