Available Entitlements

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
The result of the Entitlements from purchases plus Extra entitlements minus Consumed quantities. The result is zero or positive (availability) when the license is compliant, and negative (shortfall) when the license is at risk. Licenses subject to true-up may have a shortfall, and still be compliant. In this case, the shortfall gives a projection of the likely minimum quantity you might expect to purchase when that true-up falls due.
  • When the value is positive, the records show surplus entitlements purchased that have not yet been consumed. This pool of available entitlements can be assigned to users or inventory devices as required. (If your enterprise also uses App Portal or App Portal / App Broker, these unassigned entitlements allow for self-service and reservations against the application linked to the license.)
  • When the value is negative, there is shortfall in purchases: your enterprise appears to be consuming more entitlements than you have purchased, and the license is said to be "over-utilized". The label for this field changes to Under purchased. Your remedies for an over-utilized license may include:
    • Purchasing more entitlements to cover the shortfall
    • Uninstalling copies that are no longer in use, or not really needed
    • Ensuring that your records (especially of purchases) are complete in FlexNet Manager Suite
    • Checking that your product use rights (such as the right of second use) are correctly set, as these can cover several installations.
    Tip: A negative value may be displayed on licenses subject to true-up, even when they are still shown as compliant (because true-up licenses are allowed to be over-utilized within a single true-up period). In this case, the 'shortfall' is your current exposure that you need to address at the next true-up date. For points-based licenses (such as Core Points or Processor Points licenses), the value is the number of points, rather than entitlements.
  • When the column is blank with no value, this means that the Entitlement limits field in the Compliance tab has been set to Unlimited. A license that has no entitlement limits can never be at risk and as a result, the concepts of shortfall or availability do not apply.

Not available for Enterprise, Enterprise Agreement, or Site licenses (where the concept of extra entitlements is not meaningful).

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2