Copy Version and Edition from the Most Recent Application

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
Set this check box if you want the Version and Edition fields of the license to reflect the Version and Edition of the latest and greatest application linked to the license (the one, for example, with the highest version number, which is not necessarily the one most recently linked).
Note: The assignment or linking of an application to the license may happen through processes like processing the initial purchase to create the license, or an operator manually linking an application to a license. Such an application is then visible on the Applications tab of the license properties. This creates the "base" version of the application for this license, and this base version can be reflected in the license version. Upgrade and downgrade rights then operate from this base version; but the upgrade rights themselves do not change the version of the license. For example, suppose you link MyApp version 9 to the license; and with the check box selected, the license is therefore also for version 9. Because you have a support contract, you are entitled to an upgrade to version 10 – this upgrade right does not alter the license version: in summary, you have a license for version 9, with a right to upgrade to version 10 when it becomes available. After the release of version 10, although you do not need to take any action, you may choose to manually link the new application version to the same license; and if so, when the link is created, the license version automatically increments.
On applications, the Version and Edition have an unambiguous purpose. On license records, there are three ways you can use these fields:
  • A few asset managers prefer to use these to differentiate revisions of the license itself. In this model, if you first purchased MyApp at version 9, then you could record version (or revision) 1 of your license to link to it. If you use this model, you must clear this check box.
  • Others may prefer to have the license perpetually record the original product version and edition to which the license was applied, even as the licensed application is updated across multiple releases. In this model, the license would show the original version 9 even after MyApp had been updated through version 12. If you use this model, you can either clear this check box; or keep it checked (so that the license picks up the version/edition of the first-linked application), but avoid linking later application versions to the license.
  • The third option is to have the license properties reflect the properties of the most recent linked application. In this model, MyApp version 9 is tracked in a matching license version 9; and as MyApp is subsequently linked to version 10, you want the license to reflect that and display version 10. If you use this model, select the Copy Version and Edition values from the most recent application check box to synchronize the license Version and Edition displayed on the Identification tab with the values from the latest application. This is the default and generally recommended setting. As a new version of the application is actively linked to the license, the Version (and Edition ) displayed in the license’s Identification tab are automatically updated to match.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2