FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

A location represents a physical center in your enterprise. On the Locations page, you can view, add, edit, and delete locations within your enterprise: for details about these processes, see Changing Enterprise Structure.

When FlexNet Manager Suite is acting as a replacement for ILMT and is responsible for sub-capacity consumption calculations for IBM licenses, you can also select any existing location, and assign it to one of the three mandatory IBM-defined regions around the world where license consumption must be separately calculated (see below). When you assign an IBM region to one of your locations, by default any child locations inherit the same setting. However, you may manually edit any location to belong to any region, as long as you can justify your decisions in any future audit. This page also allows you to remove any previously-made assignment to an IBM region.
Tip: When any row is selected in this listing, the Remove IBM region button is active, even when there is no IBM region associated with the location. To confirm region assignments, check the value in the IBM region column. When this displays Unknown region, there is no association, and no region to remove.
For details about managing which columns are visible, see Managing Columns in a Table.
Note: You can use the Save view as feature to create customized management views of a page by saving the current state of the user interface settings applied on a page. For more information, see Creating Management Views.
Column Details
Actions Displays the list of actions applicable to a location:
  • Trash can icon – delete this location and all its descendents
  • Plus icon – add a new location below this one (a child location)
  • Pencil icon – edit the Name and Description of this location, inline in the table (the Path and IBM region properties are updated automatically after you click the save icon)
  • Diskette icon (displayed only while editing) – save changes you have made during inline editing.

Optional note about the item.

IBM region

Available only when FlexNet Manager Suite is acting as a replacement for ILMT and is responsible for sub-capacity consumption calculations for IBM licenses.

One of the three regions of the world that IBM makes mandatory for reporting sub-capacity points consumption on IBM licenses:
  • North America and South America
  • Europe and Africa
  • Asia and Australia
  • Unknown region (either when there is no owning location, or when the owning location has not be assigned to an IBM region).
(When FlexNet Manager Suite is responsible for sub-capacity points calculations, related inventory devices must be 'owned' by a location that has an IBM region setting, so that the points consumed by the device contribute to the region's peak consumption in any reporting period. Failure to configure these settings correctly means the affected inventory devices are shown in an Unknown region, and such devices can represent an audit risk.)
Important: Changes to the IBM region setting for any location affect (from the next full compliance calculation) all points recalculations and reports for the entire data retention period (see System Settings: Licensing Tab). In other words, any edits to existing region assignments are considered corrections to data input errors, and take effect retroactively. Such changes, therefore, can easily affect/correct the date and value of a region's peak consumption figure in the reporting period.
To update the IBM region associated with a location (and its descendents):
  1. Select the row for the location of interest (you may need to expand parent rows to expose child locations).
  2. Do either of the following:
    1. Click Assign IBM region, and select one of the regions from the drop-down list, to set or update the value for the selected location and any descendents.
      Tip: By default, assigning a location to an IBM region also assigns all its children (descendent locations) to the same IBM region. Similarly, if a location is already assigned to an IBM region, and you create a new child location, the new location inherits the IBM region of its parent.
    2. Click Remove IBM region to clear the IBM region setting from this location and its descendents.
    Tip: You can 'break the chain' by choosing a region for a child that is different than the setting for its parent. This change does not cascade to any further descendents of the changed location. To prepare for possible future audits, you may also want to record a reason for this inconsistency, perhaps using the Description field for the desired location. Future changes to the setting for any ancestor (parent) location override the custom setting for this child, so that inconsistent settings must be applied from the highest relevant point of the hierarchy downwards.

The name of the related enterprise group.

Path The route that indicates where exactly an item is nested in its hierarchical arrangement.

The Path field is read-only. To change the path, edit the corresponding item.

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