Eligible for Sub-Capacity

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

This column is only ever available for IBM PVU licenses, and furthermore is only available when FlexNet Manager Suite is responsible for sub-capacity calculations for that license type (see IBM High-Frequency Scanning).

When present, the Eligible for sub-capacity column displays either of the following values:
  • Yes when consumption of PVU points by the inventory device may be calculated using sub-capacity rules (that is, at less than the full points value of the host server, taking into account the capacity of the virtual machine).
  • No when the consumption for the inventory device must be calculated at the full capacity of the host. When the host server is licensed at full capacity, the license covers all installations of the same software on any guest VMs on that host (that is, IBM PVU licensing applies at the host level). The reasons why a given inventory device is ineligible for sub-capacity licensing include:
    • Its inventory is not being gathered by the FlexNet inventory agent
    • The license itself may be set to use only full capacity calculations (in the Rights on virtual machines and hosts section of the User right & rules tab, the Always use full capacity license calculations choice is selected)
    • This device is a virtual host, and one (or more) of its guest VMs is ineligible. Any VM that is ineligible for sub-capacity licensing also makes its host server ineligible (the host must be licensed at full capacity). It follows that the eligibility of any individual VM for sub-capacity calculations of PVU points may be overridden — or more accurately, may be made irrelevant — when any other peer VM on the same host is ineligible.
  • Blank when the inventory device is neither a VM nor a virtual host, as the concept of sub-capacity licensing does not apply to a stand-alone computer.
When a host server can use sub-capacity calculations (because all its guest VMs running the licensed software are eligible for sub-capacity), the points for each relevant guest VM are taken into account in the Peak sub-capacity from FlexNet inventory agent value for the appropriate region, displayed on the Compliance tab for this same license. (Of course, on a given host, the sum of all the sub-capacity values for guest VMs all running the same licensed software is capped by [cannot exceed] the full capacity of the host.)
Tip: This Eligible for sub-capacity column is not available in any other management view, as it applies only to the calculation of points consumption for this IBM PVU license. For easier visibility of guest VMs mapped to host, and the net effect on host eligibility from all relevant guest VMs, use the link to the IBM PVU License Consumption report.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2