Entitlement Limits

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
Tip: For licenses imported from Flexera SaaS Manager, the Entitlement limits field is read-only (so that accidental change is impossible), and displays one of the following values:
  • Unlimited if the record in Flexera SaaS Manager shows a license with unlimited entitlements
  • As purchased if a set number of entitlements have been imported from Flexera SaaS Manager (in this case, the imported count is displayed in the Extra entitlements field on this tab).
These imported licenses are typically SaaS User licenses, or Named User licenses for Microsoft Office 365. However, be aware that:
  • If you import data (or have previously imported data) from the separate (deprecated) Salesforce connector as well as from Flexera SaaS Manager, the data from the Salesforce connector is now ignored (superseded by data imported from Flexera SaaS Manager), and licenses created from the old Salesforce connector don't show any consumption. You should discontinue use of the old Salesforce connector, and delete the now-redundant licenses (you may first wish to transfer any attachments to the replacement licenses created by the import from Flexera SaaS Manager).
  • If you are not using Flexera SaaS Manager, and are instead persisting with the deprecated Salesforce connector, the Entitlement limits field remains available, but the setting that is selected for the resulting SaaS User license has no effect.
For other licenses, choose a rule that appropriately reflects the entitlement limits defined by the license agreement. The rule affects how the license is flagged if consumption exceeds the entitlement limits. Choose one of the following radio buttons:
  • As purchased — Terms of the license set the number of entitlements purchased as the cap for consumption. The license is flagged as At risk when consumption exceeds purchased entitlements.
  • Subject to true-up — Terms of the license allow consumption to exceed purchased entitlements as long as additional licenses are purchased at the end of the true-up period (as defined in the relevant purchasing agreement). The license remains Compliant when consumption exceeds purchased entitlements.
  • Unlimited — Terms of the license allow for unlimited entitlements. Consumption can exceed the recorded number of purchased entitlements. Unlike Subject to true-up licenses, with Unlimited licenses you do not need to purchase additional entitlements to rectify overages because the license allows for unlimited entitlements. The license remains Compliant when consumption exceeds purchased entitlements. Because in this case there is no relationship between the purchased entitlements and the consumption, Shortfall/Availability is not reported for unlimited licenses.

For the majority of licenses and for most vendors, set this to As purchased.

Because the true-up agreement allows you to install more than your current entitlements allow you to install, a license with Subject to true-up set for Entitlement limits can never show At risk. Similarly, a license with Unlimited set can never show At risk. In license listings that show purchases against consumption, you may see that consumption exceeds purchases, but this will not attract the at risk icon that As purchased licenses might display.

The Entitlement limits field allows you to apply an entitlement limits rule to multiple licenses at one time if you have selected multiple license records in the All Licenses page. (For more information, see Multi-editing.)

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2