FlexNet Manager Suite License

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
The FlexNet Manager Suite License page displays the details of your FlexNet Manager Suite license, as well as the product options that you are entitled to use. This page has the following two sections:
  • License details
  • Licensed products.
Tip: If you ever need to update your license, please refer to the Product Activation topic, in the Installation Details chapter of the Installing FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises guide.

License details

This section displays the following details of your FlexNet Manager Suite license. You can click the Contact us to renew or update link to send an email to the Flexera sales team.

Property Description

The name of the customer licensed to use this installation of FlexNet Manager Suite.

Product version

The version of FlexNet Manager Suite covered by the license.

Subscription renewal due

The day after your current FlexNet Manager Suite subscription expires.

Release number

The internal part number for the installed version of FlexNet Manager Suite. The four-part number includes major release, minor release, patch, and build numbers.

Sharing anonymized ARL data with Flexera Software

Indicates whether your enterprise is anonymously sharing unrecognized installation details with the Flexera Application Recognition Library (ARL) database. This assists in the process of continuous improvement of automatic application recognition.

ServiceNow integration enabled

Indicates whether integration with ServiceNow is enabled.

FNMP API Integration enabled

Indicates whether the web API access to FlexNet Manager Suite is enabled. This allows integration between FlexNet Manager Suite and other products from Flexera.

Licensed products

This section displays the following statistical information about the number of devices managed through FlexNet Manager Suite:
  • Number of devices licensed — The total number of devices (of all applicable kinds) that you can manage using this FlexNet Manager Suite license. This number depends on your license agreement with Flexera. The number includes servers, desktop computers, mobile devices, and virtual machines. It excludes remote devices.
  • Number of active devices — The total number of devices currently being managed by FlexNet Manager Suite. Both virtual and physical devices are counted while calculating this number. For example, if a physical host is hosting four virtual machines, the total number of active devices is five. Click the linked value to open the Active Inventory page.
  • Number of devices available — The total number of additional devices that you can manage using this license for FlexNet Manager Suite. This is the mathematical difference between the number licensed and the number active.
  • Number of servers licensed — This is the subset of your licensed device count where the devices are running a server operating system. This count is included in the total Number of devices licensed cited at the top of this group of fields.
  • Number of active servers — The subset of your active devices running a server operating system (as identified in inventory returned from the devices). Click the linked value to open the Active Servers page.
  • Number of servers available — The number of additional devices running server operating systems that you can manage under the current license (that is, the spare capacity for servers on your current license).
This section also displays a series of license "cards" for the products you are entitled to use within FlexNet Manager Suite. A card is always present for FlexNet Manager for Clients, the base product on which FlexNet Manager Suite is built. These additional products are available:
  • FlexNet Manager for Datacenters — Click the Details link to view a list of the server based products that you can manage under the current license, and any additional products that are supported by this license but which you are not currently licensed for.
  • FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications
  • Service Life Data Pack.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2