Use Rights & Rules Tab

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

The Use rights & rules tab tracks your rights to:

  • Use additional copies of the licensed software (without extra cost)
  • Use software on computers for specific purposes (based on the roles of the devices) or as part of the license rights for a higher-level product in which this application is embedded for specialized functionality
  • Use the software on virtual machines.
Note: The options available in this tab vary, depending on the license type. Because all options are documented here, some documented controls may not appear for your particular license. In addition, the number of products linked to a license also modifies the available sections on this page. For example, the Licensed products and upgrade/downgrade rights section appears only for multi-product licenses (see Multi-Product License), and not for single-product licenses.

For the various sections within this tab, either scroll down to the list of topics at the bottom of this page, or expand the table of contents on the left.


Product use rights may be set automatically from the Product Use Rights Libraries (PURLs), built from the standard agreements offered by publishers. The libraries available depend on which product options you have purchased.

Originally, these rights come from the license agreement you received from the software publisher, and can be checked there. Your rights may also be increased by your maintenance agreement, or by the terms of any purchasing agreement under which you originally purchased this license.


Accounting for these additional copies of the software can save you buying (and paying maintenance for) extra licenses, which makes these product use rights valuable. For this reason, in most cases setting these rights changes the calculations of your license compliance.


For Custom Metric, IBM Concurrent User, and IBM Floating User licenses, these fields are for your record keeping only, and do not affect any calculations. For other license types, individual fields may also be for record-keeping only, as described.

For IBM PVU licenses, you may choose to import final PVU counts from ILMT. In that case, settings in this tab do not affect PVU calculations. Alternatively, you may choose to have FlexNet Manager Suite calculate the PVU points, in which case the following controls are taken into account.

Using the Accordion Control

Click on the title of any fold (or section) in the accordion to open that section. Click on the title of any open section to close it again. Additional controls may be exposed as you make selections.

The headers available in the accordion control are listed in order below. Notice that the icon on each header changes to indicate whether you have any settings for the rights under this heading, so that you can quickly check where product use rights apply without necessarily expanding the section.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2