Apply Allocations and Exemptions

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
Tip: To use the functionality on this page, an operator must be a member of a role (or roles) that provide the following rights:
  • Create a new software license
  • Allocate licenses to users or devices.
Accounts and the roles they are assigned to can be accessed through the system menu ( in the top right corner) by clicking Accounts. Both these rights appear in the Licenses group on the Roles tab of the Accounts page.
The Apply Allocations and Exemptions page lets you deal with one or more applications in two main ways:
  • You can manage license allocations and exemptions in bulk, updating the relevant license properties.
  • You can identify unlicensed installations. (Such installations are not counted in license compliance calculations, and if left unprocessed, may increase your exposure in the event of an audit.)
    Tip: The default value of the smart-search filter, All licenses with allocations (and exemptions), naturally lists only licensed installations and allocations. Use a different filter value, such as one that identifies your product of interest, to find installations that are not covered by a license.
Many properties are available (the majority being in the column chooser) so that you can search and filter accurately, finding the particular devices, users, and applications for which to manage allocations and exemptions. For details of the available properties, see:
Tip: This means that you can create views of installations that match specific criteria for allocations to, or exemptions for, a particular license. Saving the view for reuse means you can open it and apply exemptions, or allocations, as new installations appear in your enterprise. For more information, see Creating Management Views.

Operations available on this page

The following operations are available on this page, and described in the topics linked below:
  • Filter desired records: In addition to the column filter and advanced filter (see Using Filters to Limit Data Size), this page offers a smart-search filter for filtering the installations and allocations in the main listing by the products, applications and licenses they apply to.
  • Allocate licenses.
  • Deallocate licenses.
  • Apply exemption.
  • Remove exemption.
Tip: You can select all visible rows by clicking the check box on the left of the header row. A green label (just under the Deallocate button) indicates the number of selected rows across all pages of the listing. To deselect all rows, either click X in this label, or clear the check box in the header.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2