Entitlements from Purchases

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

Displays the automatically-calculated quantity of current license entitlements purchased.

Each time you link a purchase (of an appropriate type) to the license, the License quantity value from the purchase is added to the existing value in this field (be sure to re-open or refresh the properties to see the change). The purchase-license link can be created:
  • Manually in the Purchases tab of the license properties
  • Manually in the Licenses tab of the purchase properties
  • By automatic processing of purchases
  • By importing a publisher's statement of entitlements, such as a Microsoft License Statement or IBM Passport Advantage
  • By writing and running a custom business adapter.
To be included in this total, a purchase:
  • Must not be disabled (old purchases are automatically disabled when you import the manufacturer's license summary, such as the Microsoft License Statement [MLS])
  • Must be current (for purchases of type Software subscription, the current date must fall on or between the Effective date and the Expiry date of the purchase).
If these conditions change, you may expect the total Entitlements from purchases to vary accordingly.
Tip: Only the number of entitlements shown here in Entitlements from purchases can automatically be processed by an upgrade purchase (extra entitlements are excluded). As well, linked records of original purchases (not including MLS imports) are the primary line of defense in an audit. Both factors make it particularly helpful to have this value up to date.

Not available for Enterprise, Enterprise Agreement, or Site licenses (where the concept of extra entitlements is not meaningful).

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2