Minimum Users Type

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

The baseline unit for which Oracle requires the purchase of multiples of the minimum number of user entitlements for this license. For example, if the type is per server, then Oracle applies the minimum number of user entitlements only once for each database server; whereas if the type is per processor core, then licensing the server requires a minimum of the multiple of the number of processor cores times the value of Minimum users for this product.

It is best practice to leave these settings as configured by the Oracle license templates shipped with the Product Use Rights Library (PURL) for Oracle. If you are creating a license manually, carefully check your license agreement with Oracle for the product and edition you are licensing. Possible values include:
  • Per license — This license requires purchase of at least the number of entitlements specified in Minimum users. This choice is useful if you are still running superseded versions of Oracle Database Standard Edition or Oracle Database Standard Edition One. (It is not relevant for Oracle Database Standard Edition 2.)
  • Per processor core — Multiply the number of cores in the processor(s) on this database server (or, in a virtual environment such as operated by an approved cloud service provider, the number of cores used by the virtual instance running the Oracle software) by the value in Minimum users, and ensure that you have purchased at least this minimum number of NUP entitlements.
    Tip: For Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, when the Metric setting (on the Identification tab) is set to Number of Cores, you also need to include an Oracle Processor Core Factor in this calculation. For example:
    • 3 processors
    • x 4 cores/processor (=12)
    • x Oracle Processor Core Factor (say, 0.50 for Intel processors) (=6)
    • x minimum NUP per 'processor' (say, 25 for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition) (=150).
  • Per server — Use this setting when the same licensed software is installed on multiple inventory devices (or on multiple instances hosted by an approved cloud service provider). Multiply the minimum NUP requirement by the number of servers (that is, the minimum count applies to each server independently). For example, the minimum for Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 is 10 NUP entitlements per server (provided that the server has a maximum capacity of 2 sockets, and that each database may use a maximum of 16 CPU threads at any time). If you have installations of this application on 3 different inventory devices under this type of license, the minimum requirement on the shared license is 10 x 3, or 30 NUP entitlements. For instances hosted by an approved cloud service provider, also take into account the setting for Number of vCPUs per server for NUP minimums on the Use rights & rules tab: for Oracle Database Standard Edition 2, every 8 vCPUs (threads) counts as one server, so an instance running 9-16 vCPUs counts as two servers. These two servers each require the NUP minimum of 10 entitlements, for a total of 20.

Only available for Oracle Named User Plus licenses.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2