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FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
The Cloud regions tab applies only to Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), specifically when you are using this inventory beacon to collect inventory from an Oracle Database hosted there. Because your hosted databases may be running in multiple different regions of AWS, this could overload a single inventory beacon if it had to do direct inventory gathering across all instances on the same schedule. To manage this, you can set up multiple inventory beacons, and focus the inventory-gathering tasks of each inventory beacon to one or a very few AWS regions, using this tab.
Tip: Depending on the spread and number of your Oracle Database installations running in Amazon RDS, best practice is to dedicate each inventory beacon to just one AWS region. You cannot dedicate more than one inventory beacon to a given region — if you assign to this inventory beacon a region that was previously assigned to another, your previous assignment is automatically (and silently) removed, because each region may be assigned to exactly one inventory beacon. In the other direction, it is possible for each inventory beacon to manage more than one region, but not recommended. To summarize, your mapping of regions to inventory beacons may be one-to-one, or many-to-one (not recommended); but never one-to-many. Assigning each AWS region to a separate inventory beacon allows you to set distinct schedules for the Oracle Database inventory collection, helping to manage your network loads.

Selecting an AWS region is not mandatory. As alternatives, for example, you may target an already discovered device, or even an entire cloud service provider. However, for managing Oracle Database installations within Amazon RDS, where you may have multiple installations within a single region, or installations across multiple regions, this is good practice for load balancing.

The tab has two distinct areas:
  • The lower area is a list of the AWS region(s) currently selected for management by this inventory beacon. If you wish to remove a currently-assigned AWS region, use the check box to its left to select it, which also enables the Remove button. Click this to delete the row (there is no confirmation, and no undo other than to select the region again in the normal process).
  • Above this list is a search area where you can select one or more regions to add to your selection. Once you have confirmed a selection (visible in the lower list), this search area is mostly closed, with only its search field visible. If there are no regions selected, or if you initiate a search with the search field (optionally enter a partial string, and click Search), another listing is exposed where you can select from your search results. Use the check box to its left to select a region from your search results, and then click Add regions to move the selected region to the lower list, closing the search results area.
Warning: Each AWS RDS region may be assigned to one and only one inventory beacon for inventory collection from Oracle Database. If you (deliberately or accidentally) assign one region (say, eu-west-1) to a second inventory beacon, it is automatically and silently removed from the first. To see the results of automatic removal in the properties of the first inventory beacon, be sure to refresh the tab.

The following two properties are available in both lists on this tab:

Table 1. Available properties on the Cloud regions tab
Property name Details

The name of the region, as specified by AWS. (While AWS subdivides regions into Availability Zones and Local Zones, your inventory beacons may be assigned only to regions, and not to zones. For a list of AWS region names as used in this tab, see under "Region availability" in


Since this list is exclusively for Amazon RDS, this value is always Amazon Web Services.

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