Non-Inventoried Users

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

When other (potentially non-Oracle) applications are linked to Oracle NUP or Oracle Application User licenses, there may be no automatic way to record Oracle users against these applications. (Oracle users are imported from Oracle Database instances, which may not be directly associated with these applications.) For these cases, FlexNet Manager Suite allows you to manually record the number of users, additional to the ones reported through your Oracle inventory, that should consume from the license because of the linked non-Oracle applications.

The normal expectation is that these Non-inventoried users will be a replacement for Oracle users on this license (because the Oracle license type is recording details for a non-Oracle application). Therefore, if the license reconciliation process discovers that this license has both some Oracle users reported in related inventory, and a setting for Non-inventoried users, a notification is displayed for this tab. The notification says:
License unexpectedly has both an Oracle user result from inventory, 
and a non-inventoried users count.
To handle such a notification:
  • If this occurs because previously you manually recorded a number of users from outside inventory, and subsequently your improved inventory gathering identified the related Oracle instance(s) and the Oracle users to apply to this license, simply set the Non-inventoried users count back to zero. In this case, what was first, and temporarily, done manually is now being handled automatically through inventory.
  • If you intend to combine both counts (one from Oracle inventory and the other from Non-inventoried users) to give a total count for consumption of this license, you can hide the notification:
    1. Above the properties tab, in the Possible issues for this license area, click the eye icon at the left of this notification. The notification is grayed out.
    2. To record this change in the database, click Save.
To record a bulk count of additional users that are not returned in inventory, enter (or spin up) the number of users of applications (linked to this license, and visible on the Applications tab) who are not identified in Oracle inventory. During your compliance calculations, this number is added to the count of Oracle users (if any) reported in Oracle inventory to calculate total consumption for the license.
Tip: Changes to this value affect the Consumed count, both in the Compliance tab of these properties and in any lists of licenses, only after the next compliance calculation.

Only available for Oracle Application User or Oracle Named User Plus licenses.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2