Overridden Metric Value

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
This field allows you to override the number of VPCs reported in inventory for a device. This override is not the license consumption figure, but the number of virtual processor cores used for each device. The final consumption figure for the product license requires two further steps:
  1. Summing up the VPC count for all the devices (on this license) running the same product, possibly with capping if the total assignments exceed the capacity of the host
  2. Applying the Product conversion ratio to convert the total number of VPCs to the equivalent consumption of license entitlements.
Tip: An override on the VPC count for a device applies to every appearance of the same device in the same license. So if the same device appears in another "tree" for another product on this license, your override determines its contribution in both cases.
Consider adding a Note (on the Identification tab of the license properties) to explain your override for any future auditor.
Click in the cell to enter the number of VPCs that you declare is the corrected value for the inventory device shown in your chosen row. When you have changed all affected rows, remember to click Save.
Tip: The following timing issues apply:
  • Immediate impact: When your changes are saved, the only immediate impact is to update the bottom-line total of all values in the Overridden metric value column (the total includes entries across all pages, if there are multiple pages in the list of consuming devices/users).
  • Full compliance calculation impact: After the next full compliance calculation (by default, happening overnight), for each row any non-zero Overridden metric value value is copied into the Metric value column for the same row. So typically you can see the corrected Metric value value the day after changing the override.

Available only for IBM VPC licenses.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2