General Tab (Payment Schedules)

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
Contains identifying information about the payment schedule (much of which is set at creation time and then cannot be edited). In this tab you may only:
  • Update the name of the payment schedule
  • Change the behavior when new assets or licenses are linked to the contract (to which this payment schedule belongs)
  • Update your annotations on this payment schedule.
The controls are listed alphabetically:
Control Comments

The name (or brief description) of the contract.

Editable in the Description field in the General tab of the contract properties.

Contract type

The kind of contract.

Not editable. Copied from the contract record when the payment schedule is created.

Link this payment schedule to all new assets and licenses attached to the contract

While this value is Yes, as any licenses or hardware assets linked to the contract (after the creation of the payment schedule), they are automatically also linked to the payment schedule. (Links can be adjusted manually afterwards.) While No, links must be managed individually from the beginning.

You may turn this setting on or off over time as your needs change.

The measure (such as per machine) for which the payment amount applies.

Not editable. Set when the payment schedule is created.

The name given to this payment schedule at creation (or at last edit).

Enter a useful name for this payment schedule, remembering that you may need to choose this payment schedule from a list of similar-looking items.


You may include any free form text you prefer, either to document the payment schedule itself, or to record comments about individual payments arising from it.

Payment schedule type

The kind of payments being scheduled, as determined when the payment schedule was created.

Not editable. If you need to change the type of a payment schedule, create a new one of the new type, check that any payments recorded against the old one are copied onto the new one, and then delete the old one.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2