Raw Installations

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
The count of installations of software linked to this license on all reported computers found in the last inventory import and compliance calculation.
Restriction: This does not include any installations in containers (for example, those running in Kubernetes clusters) where the licensed software is monitored by, and imported from, the IBM License Service.
For a simple, single-product license, this may be the same as the total shown at the bottom of the Installed column on the Consumption tab (where it totals the number of rows in which Yes appears in the column). However, this value may also be greater than that count of devices with related installations, since some licenses (multi-product licenses, licenses allowing multiple installed versions of one product, and so on) allow more than one installation on the same inventory device, making the total count of installations greater than the count of devices with installations.

This quantity is not your exposure (or legal liability) for licensing the software under this license, since this raw figure does not take any account of savings achievable through such product use rights as upgrade and downgrade rights, right of second use, and so on. For Device license, you can see the difference between this raw count of installations and the calculated consumption in the PUR Savings field, with the resulting consumption in the adjusted Consumed entitlements field.

Not available for CAL Legacy, IBM Authorized User, IBM Concurrent User, IBM Floating User, IBM UVU, Microsoft Device CAL, Microsoft SCCM Client Device, Microsoft SCCM Client User, Microsoft User CAL, Named User SaaS User, SAP Package, or User licenses. On other licenses, does not include installations in containers reported through the IBM License Service.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2