Related Installations Report

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

The Related Installations report lists all installations of applications related to other applications and the license each is consuming.

Generating the report

  1. Navigate to License Compliance > Applications > Related Installations.
  2. Click Run report to display a report on all installations that are exempt from consuming an entitlement under this license.

Limiting the report results

In the top left corner is a check box labeled Only show exempted installations. Clear this check box to display all installations which are consuming an entitlement under this license.

Reading the report

The following columns are available for both the Installation and the Related installation. By default, some are available in the column chooser.

Column name Description

Indicates whether a license entitlement has been allocated to this device.

The Allocated value is editable in the Consumption tab of the license properties. Furthermore, the type of allocation can be adjusted on the Licenses tab of the inventory device properties.

The application's name, which may be:
  • Set by the Application Recognition Library, and not editable (for applications with Source: Flexera)
  • Derived from the evidence values for Product, Version, and Edition properties (when generated by FlexNet Manager Suite), and editable to suit your corporate standards.

You can edit this on the General tab of the application properties when Local is displayed in the Source column (which means the application was added manually by an operator).

Charged Displays Yes when the install is assigned to a license; is not exempted for any reason; and is the primary application in the install relationship. Displays No if one or more of this criteria is not met.
The number of license entitlements (or points) consumed across the enterprise.
Tip: Access rights on an operator's role may restrict the values that the operator is entitled to see. An unrestricted view provides the total consumption that should be balanced by purchases.
Note: Special provisions apply to these license types:
  • For SAP Named User licenses, this is the license requirement based on the current user license assignments in SAP. This is the same value that would be calculated by SAP LAW, had you run it with the same data.
  • For IBM PVU licenses, this is the current consumption as calculated for this installation and not it's contribution to the peak.

Not editable. This value is the result of the latest compliance calculation (the time and date of which is displayed at the top right of every web page).


The name of the inventory device linked to this application.

A list of all devices linked to this application displays on the Devices tab of this application's properties page. Click to view the device properties.
Exemption reason

The reason why the individual computer or user is exempt from consuming an entitlement under this license, even though the application is in use. When this column is blank, application use on this computer, or by this user, can count towards consumption of the license.

The Exemption reason may be set on the Consumption tab of the license properties; or it may be based on the setting of the device role which matches an exemption reason identified in the product use rights of the license.


The name of the license linked to this application. Click to open the license properties page. Not Licensed displays for applications which are not linked to a license.

The Name value is editable in the Identification tab of the license properties.

License type

The kind of license, which determines what properties are available for the license, and how compliance is calculated for the license. For details of an individual license type, please see the appropriate entry in the glossary.

Editable in the License type field in the Identification tab of the license properties.

The number of installations of the licensed applications actively being used. Shows a zero if:
  • Usage thresholds are not set for the application(s) linked to the license
  • Usage data is not collected in inventory for the linked applications
  • Nobody used this application throughout the time-span specified in the Usage period field on the Usage tab of the application's properties (by default, three months).
If a non-zero Used count is less than the Consumed count, you may be able to harvest licenses by uninstalling applications.

The Used value is not editable, and is set by the most recent compliance calculation.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2