Viewing Documents Evidence

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

The Documents tab of the Indirect Access page displays a list of the digital access data imported from SAP systems using the inventory beacon.

Column Definition
Client ID

The client ID of the SAP system. Each SAP server has multiple clients which users can login to.

System ID

Three-character identifier of the SAP system.

Document Type

The type of document. SAP has nine licensable document types that individual document items can belong to. For example, the time sheet record and the time management record document items both belong to the Time Management document type.

Document Line Item The name of the individual document line item, for example a time sheet record.
Count Total count of this document line item for this document type.
Import Date The date and time this data was imported.
Start Date The start date for this reporting period.
End Date The end date for this reporting period.