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FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
On the Details tab, you can enter, or edit if applicable, the user's location, corporate unit, and cost center, as well as the residential and postal address.
Tip: When you complete your changes, remember to click Save.
Control Details
Alternate email

The email address used for Office 365 subscription, if different from the one entered in the Email property. To map Office 365 users to compliance users, FlexNet Manager Suite imports the Office 365 user records, and matches the email of each Office 365 user to the one entered in the Email property of the corresponding user record in FlexNet Manager Suite. If a match is not found, the Alternate email is checked to map the user records.

Enter the user's alternate email address.


The city for the user's home address.

Enter the user's home city.

Corporate unit, Cost center, or Location For details about using search controls to identify each enterprise group, see To Use a Fly-Down.
Select an enterprise group, for example, location, corporate unit, or cost center the user belongs to. You can link a user to only one location, corporate unit, or cost center (or to none of them).
Remember: Creating a link between a user and an enterprise group (and separately linking a license to that enterprise group) does not affect license consumption calculations in any way. These logical links are for informational purposes only: they help track the user's affiliation within an enterprise. To influence the license calculations, you must use group assignments, or allocations (for details, see Consumption Tab).

Enter the user's country if filling out the user's address.

Enter the user's email address.
Note: This field will be automatically populated if user data imported into FlexNet Manager Suite contains the user(s) email address. User data is received from a variety of different sources, such as Active Directory and SaaS products like O365 and Salesforce.

Enter the fax number for this user, if any. You can include country and area codes, for example, +380 572 0449 6474.


Enter the mobile phone number for this user. You can include country and area codes, too. For example, 281-234-5678.


Enter the phone number for this user. You can include country and area codes, and extensions, for example, +380 572-0449-6674.

Postal code

The user's postal code if used with the delivery address.

Enter the user's postal code.


Enter the user's state or province for deliveries, if any.

Street address
The user's home address that can be used for various delivery purposes, for example, if you are rolling out new assets (for example, laptops) to selected users.
If you choose to record the user’s home address, remember to abide by privacy legislation provisions in the jurisdiction where the user lives.

Enter the user's home address, if necessary.

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