Publisher Summary

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
The License Compliance > Publisher Summary page (in the Enterprise-wide views group) displays the license compliance summary for each publisher. The overall compliance position for each publisher is based on the last license reconciliation, and represented by a colored card. The card view of this page uses the following color coding:
Color Meaning
Light gray The licenses for the products of this publisher are newly created and have no status yet. You should revisit this page after completion of the overnight reconciliation job, or you can trigger a manual reconciliation from the Reconcile page. See Reconcile.
Dark gray The publisher has no known issues. This means, all licenses for products from this publisher are compliant in your enterprise.
Orange Some product licenses belonging to this publisher are incomplete in some way, or have associated alerts about problems that need attention.
Red Some licenses for the products from this publisher are over-utilized, with recorded consumption exceeding the known entitlements.
You can click the icon to switch to the table view. The table view displays the following information for each publisher:
Column Details
Compliance status Indicated by the color of the publisher card in the card view. This field can have any of the following values in the table view:
  • Compliant — The calculated consumption for all installed products from this publisher is less than or equal to the records of entitlement. If your data input is complete and accurate, all licenses for this publisher are in good shape.
  • At risk — For some products from this publisher, the installations exceed their corresponding entitlements. You may wish to find and link purchase records to the licenses, procure new license entitlements to cover the shortfall, or uninstall the application from some devices.
  • Unknown — The compliance state of this publisher is unknown. This status is shown for a publisher when the compliance status of one or more products from the publisher is either At risk or Unknown.
Compliant The total number of products from this publisher whose calculated consumption is less than or equal to their corresponding entitlement records.
Products at risk The number of installed applications from this publisher that have insufficient license entitlements.
Publisher name

The name of the software publisher responsible for development and distribution for a range of software products.

Total products The total number of licensed products from this publisher.
Under purchased (currency) Displays the overall cost (in the displayed currency) of all license entitlements that must be bought to meet the license requirements for this publisher.
Unknown The total number of products for which the compliance status is unknown. The compliance status can be unknown due to any of the following reasons:
  • You have created one or more licenses manually, and the reconciliation job has not completed after the changes. You should wait for the overnight reconciliation job to complete to get the license position. You can also start a manual reconciliation for this publisher. See Reconcile.
  • One or more licenses are not linked to their corresponding applications. You may also need to allocate licenses to users or computers. For all of these, see Consumption Tab.
  • The hardware and software inventory (required for some licenses) is missing for some products from this publisher. You should wait for the next inventory collection job to complete or run a discovery and inventory rule to collect inventory. See Discovery and Inventory Rules.

When you click a publisher card (or, in list view, the publisher's name) on this page, FlexNet Manager Suite displays the License Summary page showing compliance information for the installed products from the selected publisher. For example, if you click the Microsoft card/name, the compliance status for each Microsoft license is displayed on the License Summary page. For more information, see License Summary.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2