Part no./SKU

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

In the General tab of the purchase properties page, recognized SKU numbers display a down arrow that can be clicked to show an additional panel with the following read-only properties (listed here alphabetically):

Name Details

A description of the product represented by the SKU. In license templates, this description includes the publisher, product name, version, license type, and language. This description is used as the license name if a license is automatically created for a PO line item containing this SKU.

A code that identifies the language relevant to the product represented by the SKU. In general, publishers use two-character ISO codes (such as EN for English). In addition to the standard codes for languages, there are two special codes widely used:
  • NULL — Language details not available
  • X — Unknown.
License type

Publisher-specific values for the kind of license that the SKU relates to. This value may bear no direct relationship to the name of the license type set within FlexNet Manager Suite for licenses created from this SKU. For example, SKU license types of Client and Device displayed here may both map to a license Type of Device in the property sheet of the resulting license.

Maintenance duration

The duration of maintenance agreements associated with the product. This is specified as a number of months, such as 12, 24, or 36.

This property is only available when the Maintenance type is Fixed.

Maintenance type
Used to distinguish between maintenance that applies for a fixed period, unlimited maintenance that has no time limit, and maintenance that applies until a related contract expires or lapses. (It may also display the value None when a SKU does not confer any maintenance rights.) For example, an annual maintenance agreement has a Maintenance type of Fixed, and a Maintenance duration of 12 months.
Tip: When a SKU that includes maintenance is referenced in the General tab of purchase properties, it automatically sets the Purchase includes support, maintenance, or other service agreement for the following period check box for the purchase.
Recognized part no./SKU

The stock keeping unit number or code.

This value should match the Part no./SKU displayed in the purchase properties, in some cases taking into account the % wildcard character that may be present in this field.


The name of the company that publishes the software related to this SKU.

Purchase program

The publisher’s purchasing agreement or purchasing levels under which this SKU is available. In the absence of a purchasing program, this field may give other details about the software purchase, such as whether it was an off-the-shelf retail purchase (or Fully Packaged Product, as Microsoft terms it), or supplied as an OEM license delivered with hardware, and so on.

Purchase program points

Used for point details for purchasing agreements where point values are applied, such as the Microsoft Select Agreement points.

Purchase program pool

Used for pool details for purchasing agreements where these apply, such as the Microsoft Select Agreement pool.

Purchase type
The nature of the item purchased under this SKU. This purchase type is quite distinct from the purchase Purchase type in the properties of the purchase itself. Furthermore, if at the time of purchase processing (when the purchase that identifies the SKU is linked to a license), this SKU Purchase type is given priority over the purchase type in the purchase properties. The values available are:
  • Full version for a stand-alone software license that is not an upgrade
  • Upgrade for a purchased upgrade to a software product for which you already hold a license
  • Maintenance for purchases of support, usually for a specified period
  • Media for purchases of disks, documentation, and the like to support software licenses that you own (or are acquiring at the same time as the media)
  • Subscription for time-limited licenses that can be renewed by regular payments (this type applies for both the initial subscription and also for subsequent renewals).

For software license purchases, this is the number of license entitlements authorized by the purchase of (a single unit of) this SKU. For most SKUs relating to software purchases, this field will show the value 1, but where a SKU covers some kind of bundling of many entitlements, the value may go higher. In general, for software license purchases, the result of multiplying of the purchase Purchase quantity (how many of this SKU were purchased) and this Quantity value (the entitlements bestowed by a single unit of the SKU) should equal the value of the purchases’s Effective quantity field.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2