Custom (New) Dashboard

Note:The content on this page applies to the new Optima capabilities only. New customers onboarded since January 15th, 2019 have access to this functionality by default. If you are a preexisting customer and would like access to the new Optima features, please contact your account manager. You can tell if you are enabled on these capabilities if you see a Tabular view tab in Billing Centers.

This page describes how to create and modify (new) custom dashboards in Optima, allowing you to tailor your view of billing data based on your use case. Any new dashboards created by the Custom Dashboards functionality will appear alongside the Default Dashboard, but they will function somewhat differently. All user-created Custom Dashboards can be modified or deleted, but the Default Dashboard, AWS Instance Analyzer Default and Resource Analyzer Default cannot. However, if you create a copy of the Default Dashboard, AWS Instance Analyzer Default or Resource Analyzer Default, the copied dashboard can be modified.

Custom dashboards are currently available at the entire organizational level (the main dashboard) and within each billing center.

Custom dashboards are scoped to the user within the organization, so creating and modifying them only affects the current user.

Following are descriptions of the Custom Dashboard features:

Working with a Custom Dashboard
Creating a New Custom Dashboard
Configuring Custom Dashboard Reports
Deleting a Custom Dashboard