View Upfront vs. Monthly Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances

You can pay for Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances (RI) either up front (pay the full amount) or on a monthly basis.

For RIs paid monthly, the total cost of the reservation is divided evenly over each month of the RI term (1 or 3 years). The total cost of upfront and monthly reservations is the same, and you don't pay any extra fees when you choose to pay monthly. When you renew a reservation, you can change the billing frequency from upfront to monthly.

Monthly Microsoft Azure RI payments are available for:

Virtual machines
Azure Storage
SQL Database
SQL Data Warehouse
Cosmos DB
App Service stamp fee

For additional Monthly Microsoft Azure RI information, see Purchase Reservations with Monthly Payments.

To view upfront vs. monthly Microsoft Azure RIs:

1. Within Reserved Instances, navigate to the Microsoft Azure tab.
2. From the rightmost Columns drop-down menu, select Billing Frequency (if a check mark does not already appear).
3. View Upfront vs. Monthly RIs in the Billing Frequency column.