Connect Azure Cloud Solution Provider to Optima for Cost Reporting

If your organization is a Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Optima can generate cost information for your customer subscriptions that they can leverage in the platform. For details on how cost information is generated, including limitations, see Managing CSP Partnerships and Customers in Optima.

This page describes how to connect your Azure CSP partnership to Optima, which is the first requisite step to generating and showing back your customer cost information. If you are not part of the Azure CSP program, these instructions are not relevant; instead, see Connect Azure Enterprise Agreement to Optima for Cost Reporting.

For Optima to generate cost information for your customers, you must provide your CSP Partner information. This information allows the Optima platform to call the Microsoft Azure CSP Partner API on your behalf to get information about your CSP customers and their detailed subscription usage information.

The following steps must be completed for Optima to provide insight on your Azure Enterprise Agreement (AE) bill:

Locate your Microsoft Partner Network ID (MPN ID)
Locate your Microsoft Partner Default Domain
Create the Azure CSP Web App
Generate an Azure CSP Key for the Web App

To submit Azure CSP billing data to Optima, see Billing Data Connections.

Once your partner information has been provided to Optima, continue to Managing CSP Partnerships and Customers in Optima.