Billing Center Hierarchies

Note:The content on this page applies to the new Optima capabilities only. New customers onboarded since January 15th, 2019 have access to this functionality by default. If you are a preexisting customer and would like access to the new Optima features, please contact your account manager. You can tell if you are enabled on these capabilities if you see a Tabular view tab in Billing Centers.

Billing centers can be configured in a hierarchical structure so that the cost reporting functionality in Optima can better match the reporting structure of your organization. Costs are allocated down the hierarchy, with each level providing additional splitting of costs into constituent buckets. Billing centers at every level of the hierarchy have much the same set of functionality, including custom cost reporting and user access controls.

Important:Sub-billing centers do not yet support scheduled reports, budget alerts, or recommendations. This functionality is coming soon.

Use hierarchical billing centers to break down your costs into the pieces small enough so that any cloud consumer in your organization can see the costs that are relevant to them.

There are no limits to the number of levels in the billing center hierarchy.

To create sub-billing centers and to modify their allocation rules, you must have the billing_center_admin role.

The topics below further describe billing center hierarchies:

How Billing Center Hierarchies Work
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