Budget Alert

This feature is used to determine if a Billing Center or the entire Organization has exceeded its monthly cost budget.

This section describes:

Budget Alert Functionality
Budget Alert Input Parameters
Budget Alert Required Permissions
Budget Alert Supported Clouds

Budget Alert Functionality

This feature supports a single target (that is, one specific Billing Center or the entire Organization). To apply a budget alert for multiple targets, you need to apply this feature multiple times.
Actual Spend budget alerts will raise an incident when the target has exceeded the budget for the month.
Forecasted Spend budget alerts will raise an incident when the target's run rate is on track to exceed the budget for the month.

Budget Alert Input Parameters

This feature requires the following input parameters during configuration.

Monthly Budget - Specify the monthly budget. Currency is irrelevant; the feature will default to whichever currency is used in Optima.
Budget Scope - Organization or Billing Center
Billing Center Name - If the scope is "Billing Center", supply the name of the target Billing Center.
Cost Metric - Specify options for amortized vs nonamortized and blended vs unblended costs.
Budget Alert Type - Actual Spend or Forecasted Spend
Email addresses of the recipients you wish to notify - A list of email addresses to notify

Budget Alert Required Permissions

This feature requires permissions to access Optima resources. Before applying this feature, add the following roles for the user hoping to leverage this functionality. The roles should be applied to any individual accounts where the feature will run, or to the entire organization to apply to all accounts. For more information on modifying roles, read the  Governance User Roles documentation.


Note:The billing_center_viewer role must be applied at the Organization level.

Budget Alert Supported Clouds