Tabular View

Tabular View is a data table, found in the Billing Centers module, that gives users a granular view into their cloud costs. Tabular View only shows costs that are scoped to the Billing Center that you are viewing it from. It works at both the top Organization level Billing Center that the user has access to, as well as all child Billing Centers below that. You can group and filter data, select the dates, drill down to details, and export the data.

Tabular View has several options to control the data shown:

Date Selector: choose the date range for your column headings
Cost Type Selector: choose between the cost amortization and cost blending (AWS only) options
Usage Metric Selector in Tabular View: choose to show or hide the usage metric
Group By Filter in Tabular View: “pivot” and sum costs based on a number of dimensions
Search Box Filter in Tabular View: enter specific words or phrases to select which rows you want to display
Drilling Down in Tabular View: expand or collapse one group or all groups of data to display
Percent Change Indicators in Tabular View: show how a particular cost grouping is changing

Once you decide which Tabular View data to show, you can:

Format the Tabular View Reports
Export Tabular View Data