RightScale Optima

Release Notes

June 2019


RightScale Optima is a cost management and optimization solution that enables enterprises to cut cloud costs and ensure the ongoing efficient use of cloud resources across all of their business units, cloud accounts, clouds, and applications.

One of the biggest challenges when optimizing cloud costs is implementing recommended savings across large organizations where control of cloud accounts is decentralized. RightScale Optima offers a unique approach to cost management and optimization that enables cloud governance teams to work collaboratively with business units and cloud resource owners to reduce wasted cloud spend.

RightScale Optima is offered as a standalone product and also is included as part of the RightScale Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

New Features and Enhancements

This release of RightScale Optima includes the following enhancements:

Added the Line Item Type cost dimension for Amazon Web Services lineItem/LineItemType to the Optima UI (Released June 17, 2019). For the online help reference, see Amazon Web Services (AWS) Bill-based Data Dimensions.

Optima’s online help includes the latest policy content for Scheduled Reports and Budget Alerts (Released June 12, 2019).
Optima’s online help includes updated content to help you Prepare for Your Cost Optimization Assessment (Released June 12, 2019).

Resolved Issues

This release of RightScale Optima includes the following resolved issues:

In Custom Dashboards, you can now link a report's filter to a table report (Released June 7, 2019).
The Support options have been updated with a new phone number, and integration with the deprecated Zendesk system has been removed (Released June 7, 2019).
The Optima documentation links have been updated to the new Optima Help Library in Flexera’s HelpNet (Released June 7, 2019).

Product Feedback

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